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After several years of sustainability work through technology and advocacy, I am researching a mostly undiscovered and far more subtle strategy to shift consciousness, art and entertainment.

I am the currently using photography and computer imaging to develop visions of a potential dystopian and utopian futures that would help generate the story.

In addition to my work sustainability science and technology I plan to grow this cli-fi art work into a future sci-fi film that will entertain the public while raising environmental consciousness.

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I can advocate for deep ecology describing concepts and making arguments that would fill out books, but until you have experienced Nature itself; until you have been in its presence and at its mercy, you will not understand the concept of deep ecology. It is a word-less, non-rational, emotional and some would call it spiritual experience. I have been fortunate enough to enjoy such experience quite often in my life. This video is an attempt to transmit as much of an actual experience I had in Grand Canyon as technology permits without the risk of spoiling the experience with words.

I recommend you complement your study, intellectual discussions and projects regarding ecology and environmentalism connecting with the natural world without words, without thoughts or intentions. Just let Nature surround you and see what happens.

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From Nature to Hardware

The International Bionic Engineering Conference represents a critical agent of change to make our technology sustainable. Nature’s engineering and manufacturing solutions have been maximized through countless designs resulting from the unlimited creativity of complex living systems, and validated to perfection through the test of time .  It would be ludicrous to compare our man-made technologies to those in the natural world just comparing the time scale difference between humans and nature developing their respective technologies. Humans have taken years while Nature has used billions of years. Such abysmal gap should make us realize we were never the center of the living universe but a contributor, a co-creator whose ego has grown as out of control as the global environmental degradation that such ego has created.

Bionics is a big part of sustainability as it forces us to shift our anthropocentric conception of reality back to a life centered, earth centered realism. We as entrepreneurs, engineers, educators and common citizens can promote this noble approach to science and technology. This will be a fundamental step in our painful challenging  shift from  the industrial paradigm to the sustainable one.  I encourage anyone interested in high-tech and the latest gizmos to follow this conference and its culture.

Culture and consciousness are the key operating words here, much more so than technology. In order to create truly sustainable human environments the way humans do it, technologically, we need to restore human innovation and progress with the humanism that we lost during the scientific revolution. This is our chance to turn around our aging industrial “train freight” attitude sentenced to a gradual but catastrophic collision in the not too distant future. We can all put our two cents by learning about designs cool enough to temper this ever heating planet.

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