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A very inspiring message and example of how we must learn to take advantage of the shifts we are experiencing today and turn them into opportunities to advance sustainability and resilience. I am proud we were just discussing this hot topic and strategy at the AMPY monthly meeting on Monday.

Adaptability, out of the box thinking and positive opportunism are becoming indispensable skills to survive and thrive in our exponentially shifting world.

Let’s replace dooms-day consciousness with creative emergence consciousness. No matter our intellect, the world will continue to be shaped by our most inner experiences. Never before have crisis and opportunity been so intimately close. I must admit they are becoming my favorite and most fertile couple.

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This is the kind of innovation Detroit needs to seriously look at. Humans and technology are just another ecosystem subject to the same laws of nature including gravity and evolution. No matter how superior we may think are we cannot defy either of them. Our automobile paradigm is unsustainable and therefore it is a matter of time before it becomes extinct. This futuristic concept is rightly called Horizon.


Source: Inhabitat.com

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Propagate Skyscraper converts harmful greenhouse gases into usable building materials!

Building sucking pollution

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Many of us know a number of the ways in which we can reduce our environmental footprint or increase our environmental stewardship. Nowadays we have at our disposal primarily through the internet a barrage of information on this topic made available by environmental organizations, schools, government agencies, businesses and media.

There is no lack of information regarding environmental actions as well as the environmental consequences of our modern life style. However it can easily become overwhelming and even frustrating when we realize that almost every activity we perform in our daily life has an environmental impact. And quite often reducing one an environmental impact is at the expense of increasing another impact.

For example you can (1) chose to buy an electric vehicle or you can choose to (2) keep your current gasoline vehicle but work from home. Now which choice reduces your environmental impact more? It was be difficult to answer such questions but not anymore. In the sea of information available to us there are scientific tools that can help us make sense of all these environmental actions and how they are interconnected. These tools have been designed for common people to easily calculate the impact of the choices we have within our reach to minimize our environmental degradation or maximize our environmental contribution. And let us not forget the environment despite how separated may feel from us, is ultimately our life-sustaining system.

The Cool Climate Carbon Footprint Calculator is one of the best examples I have found to manage your carbon emissions which are one of the most critical pollutants today as they are directly responsible for Global Warming or if you prefer, Climate Change. I encourage using it. It is fun. It will resolve many if not all of your environmental action dilemmas, and it will give you precious skills on managing your carbon emissions. Enjoy!


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