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A very inspiring message and example of how we must learn to take advantage of the shifts we are experiencing today and turn them into opportunities to advance sustainability and resilience. I am proud we were just discussing this hot topic and strategy at the AMPY monthly meeting on Monday.

Adaptability, out of the box thinking and positive opportunism are becoming indispensable skills to survive and thrive in our exponentially shifting world.

Let’s replace dooms-day consciousness with creative emergence consciousness. No matter our intellect, the world will continue to be shaped by our most inner experiences. Never before have crisis and opportunity been so intimately close. I must admit they are becoming my favorite and most fertile couple.

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There is an overwhelming case, including a considerable business case for taxing carbon. However I believe it is naïve to expect Washington to bring it to fruition. The Fossil Fuels lobby has too much political influence. We need communities to drive the states into this ambitious challenge, and ultimately make them pass carbon tax policy. I respect Mr. Nader but I lost my faith in the US political duopoly a long time ago.

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