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Despite the latest pontificating by governments and companies on the phasing out of petrol fueled vehicles, I am not impressed. here is one of several posts commenting on such initiative. My response to those who cheer this seemingly grandiose strategy we may not have a hospitable planet by 2030!

If we dare to be realistic we realize that one to two decade time window is too narrow to prevent climate change and overall environmental degradation from taking us to irreversible global humanitarian crisis and natural ecosystem collapse.

We need more intense measures to deal with the level of risk we have created in this planet. What is despairing is not that we lack the ability to implement such measures, even at the eleventh hour as it is now, but that we believe to have the time window that would allow us to avoid a global catastrophic crisis. And we believe we have such luxury of course in our current slow and gradual transition to our culture and technology.

In light of the current environmental and cultural predicament where we have passed several tipping points in the disruption of our planetary life-sustaining system while we lack the urgency to cleanup our human infrastructure, I believe the highest priority is to develop solutions to save as much life (human and non-human).

Such approach would solve the long-held dilemma between adaptation and mitigation. I would put 60 percent of the efforts on adaptation and the rest on mitigation. If our strategy for adaptation sets the design foundation for a truly sustainable human infrastructure, 100% of our work will ultimately have resulted in mitigation.


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We are living at a time when this could be the introduction to the next sci-fi book or film but also the news based content. This type of crises is no longer an exaggeration. It could very well happen tomorrow.

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“One goes to a work of art a little bit more opened and also the interaction is one of immersion. For a while there you are living other people’s lives and you are paying attention to it with an empathy. Especially with books you have to imagine it yourself and you imagine what was it like to be in the Napoleonic wars and what did it feel like? Not the facts but the feeling. So it’s a very emotional business and once you get to the emotional level, you begin to process in a different level than when you are reading the news in a more cognitive sense.” (Kim Stanley Robinson)
Devouring the planet

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A very inspiring message and example of how we must learn to take advantage of the shifts we are experiencing today and turn them into opportunities to advance sustainability and resilience. I am proud we were just discussing this hot topic and strategy at the AMPY monthly meeting on Monday.

Adaptability, out of the box thinking and positive opportunism are becoming indispensable skills to survive and thrive in our exponentially shifting world.

Let’s replace dooms-day consciousness with creative emergence consciousness. No matter our intellect, the world will continue to be shaped by our most inner experiences. Never before have crisis and opportunity been so intimately close. I must admit they are becoming my favorite and most fertile couple.

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In response to Guernica’s article God’s Creation Is Running a Fever, being a non-believer does not prevent me from having the highest respect for someone as devoted as Katherine Hayhoe. I would however be placing as much emphasis on climate change adaptation as on mitigation. I understand mitigation may prevent a further destabilization of the planetary cycles but at the same time even if we stopped all our emissions and metabolic activity tomorrow – something virtually impossible, we would still experience Climate Change.

Now we need to adapt to the new conditions of a change in the planetary ecosystem as it finds a new equilibrium after its anthropogenic disruption. If we just wait for society to act on emissions, we are going to loose our opportunity window to prepare for the growing global disturbances we are already experiencing.

Climate change is already here. We cannot afford to spend precious time debating “democratically” with the skeptics. If we do so, we will give into their stalling tactic and lose our opportunity to save considerable life and resources.


Temperature data from four international science institutions. Source: NASA.

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One day I want to be as composed and moderate as Post Carbon Institute Fellow Bill Rees who appears in the video below. I think there is enough justification to be emotionally explosive about the dramatic reality he describes, precisely because of how real it is. Bill is a source of inspiration not just in the scientific sense but also at the emotional level. Behind his refined and corteous professor demeanor lies a visible flame of outrage, passion and justice.

The message Bill provides is liquid gold, so concentrated and rich that it becomes precious. I feel I must not allow myself to run the risk of taking away anything you may get from his discussion by adding my own thoughts. If you read me enough you will realize I am on his page. Enjoy the potent flavor of truth.

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Propagate Skyscraper converts harmful greenhouse gases into usable building materials!

Building sucking pollution

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