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This architectural concept is the kind of disruptive creativity that I believe we need to escape the limitations of current sustainable design.

Let folks get scandalized and outraged. It is a necessary evil in our urgent transition to permanent sustainability, resilience and the ultimate integration back in the natural ecosystem.

We need to ‘play and plug in’ our brains the unthinkable concept of Nature shaping our human environment. This is a fascinating way to give do her but if you can only appreciate the pragmatic side of ecology, such approach may become critical in the re-framing of nature and our place in it that we so urgently need.

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In the same cartoonish but highly effective format of Story of Stuff, this documentary can educate the masses on the hidden reality behind our water system and the crisis that we are facing. Enjoy!

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Cars are an aging species that has become detrimental element of the environment . We must embrace evolution and let cars be replaced by a more advanced and sustainable species in the human ecosystem, Personal Rapid Transit.



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Green lawnmower creates its own fuel from grass. Source: EcoMow

Unfortunately reality is not linear or Newtonian. It is complex and eco-systemic. But in 2014 we still think linear and here is one example. Products like Ecomow are examples of the trap that linear thinking poses to sustainability. This lawnmower is not a truly green solution as it perpetuates our current ecologically dis-functional status quo and the actual root cause of the environmental problem.

That cause is not so much the pollution and resource depletion associated with the use gasoline motors in lawn mowers but the man-made creation of the lawn in the first place. The environmental cost of turning prairies or forests into lawns means the destruction of habitat, life and the ecosystems that collectively sustain our life.

Promoting products like these is ironically worse than keeping the dirty old-fashioned gas option which can raise awareness about the un-sustainability of the whole system, lawn plus lawn mower. By reducing greenness from the complete system to just one single element of the system, the lawn mower, I will admit there is some reduction in the environmental footprint. However such improvement is more than offset by the loss of opportunity to educate on the ecological damage of lawns and reduce the demand for lawns.

This type of reductionist green thinking is common to the implementation of many clean technologies such as renewable energy generators without the required energy storage.  Eco-reductionism prevents the development of creativity that is needed to assure the radical transformation in our human socio-technical infrastructure that it will take to assure a healthy and sustainable future.

It is time to stop taming wild Nature. It is time to close down this grotesque environmental circus. It is time for humans to integrate back in the natural landscape without tampering with it, without domesticizing it and degenerating it like we have done since we became so called ‘civilized’ from wild life and peoples to food. Let’s learn from the wisdom of our indigenous ancestors who mastered what we now has become a leading field in real sustainability: Integrative Design. 



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Before human beings are capable of correcting the dysfunctionality and the damages of the unsustainable socio-technical environment we have developed, we need to see the reality we have created in all its ugliness. However we must not stop there. Our efforts, discomfort and sacrifice unveiling the truth would futile if we do not move beyond that point. We must be as passionate and creative about generating solutions as we have been denouncing the problems. We must reach a balance between both roles if we wanna make it.

Ocean cleaup array able to remove 7,250,000 Tons of plastic from the sea. Source: Boyanslat.com)

Ocean cleaup array able to remove 7,250,000 Tons of plastic from the sea. Source: Boyanslat.com

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Propagate Skyscraper converts harmful greenhouse gases into usable building materials!

Building sucking pollution

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Enjoy the view!

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