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Despite the latest pontificating by governments and companies on the phasing out of petrol fueled vehicles, I am not impressed. here is one of several posts commenting on such initiative. My response to those who cheer this seemingly grandiose strategy we may not have a hospitable planet by 2030!

If we dare to be realistic we realize that one to two decade time window is too narrow to prevent climate change and overall environmental degradation from taking us to irreversible global humanitarian crisis and natural ecosystem collapse.

We need more intense measures to deal with the level of risk we have created in this planet. What is despairing is not that we lack the ability to implement such measures, even at the eleventh hour as it is now, but that we believe to have the time window that would allow us to avoid a global catastrophic crisis. And we believe we have such luxury of course in our current slow and gradual transition to our culture and technology.

In light of the current environmental and cultural predicament where we have passed several tipping points in the disruption of our planetary life-sustaining system while we lack the urgency to cleanup our human infrastructure, I believe the highest priority is to develop solutions to save as much life (human and non-human).

Such approach would solve the long-held dilemma between adaptation and mitigation. I would put 60 percent of the efforts on adaptation and the rest on mitigation. If our strategy for adaptation sets the design foundation for a truly sustainable human infrastructure, 100% of our work will ultimately have resulted in mitigation.


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We are living at a time when this could be the introduction to the next sci-fi book or film but also the news based content. This type of crises is no longer an exaggeration. It could very well happen tomorrow.

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This article is another opportunity to understand that Nature is not just an industrial feed stock but intelligent sentient life just like us.

Internalizing this objective fact makes us develop an emotional connection with life no different than what we have for our fellow human beings and our pets. Empathy, affection and a sense of care are the emotions that build up such connection.

It is this emotional awakening that will eventually help us recover our lost link to the natural world. Until such emotional re-connection can take place we will not be able to achieve the shift in our perception of reality and our overall attitude toward ourselves and nature required to make our existence sustainable on Earth.

Art can greatly enhance and expedite this indispensable psychological and cultural process. That is the core objective of my current work in art, psychology and sustainability.


Amazon rainforest deforestation. Photo: worldwildlife.org

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“One goes to a work of art a little bit more opened and also the interaction is one of immersion. For a while there you are living other people’s lives and you are paying attention to it with an empathy. Especially with books you have to imagine it yourself and you imagine what was it like to be in the Napoleonic wars and what did it feel like? Not the facts but the feeling. So it’s a very emotional business and once you get to the emotional level, you begin to process in a different level than when you are reading the news in a more cognitive sense.” (Kim Stanley Robinson)
Devouring the planet

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In the same cartoonish but highly effective format of Story of Stuff, this documentary can educate the masses on the hidden reality behind our water system and the crisis that we are facing. Enjoy!

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In these times of rapid global change we tend to seek a sense of stability and security by holding a tight grip to old customs and tradition. The fact is that some of these traditions which most people rarely question because they are so embedded into the culture can actually be detrimental.

One prime example of such traditions is the American ritual of cooking and eating hot dogs and hamburgers. This custom has become probably a sacred tradition in American culture, the celebration of Independence Day on the 4th of July.

I have a message to those who still believe consuming burgers is a patriotic duty. If you are a proud American, you should have no problem demonstrating the values our culture so well advertises to the rest of the world. I am referring to the exercise of courage, truth and justice, and let’s not forget the crusade against all evil.

And to honor that courage, truth and justice we so highly regard in our beloved country may I ask that you watch this video?

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I have good news and bad news. The bad news is everything you have been taught about prosperity and success in this economy is a lie. Your school, the people around you, the media and your officials have all been complicit in this lie but you can forgive them for they have believed the lie themselves. Everyone has been the victim of this lie as well as the victimizer.

The good news is you can choose to acknowledge the lie and help us build a real future. You can become fully informed on the lie and educate yourself on the alternative. There is a growing number of workable alternative and sustainable economic and life models we can develop and implement in our very own neighborhoods and beyond.

These solutions are primarily place and community based, but they are transferable and scalable to the size of the planet. I will be writing about them. We need to understand what is wrong before we can fix it.

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