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“One goes to a work of art a little bit more opened and also the interaction is one of immersion. For a while there you are living other people’s lives and you are paying attention to it with an empathy. Especially with books you have to imagine it yourself and you imagine what was it like to be in the Napoleonic wars and what did it feel like? Not the facts but the feeling. So it’s a very emotional business and once you get to the emotional level, you begin to process in a different level than when you are reading the news in a more cognitive sense.” (Kim Stanley Robinson)
Devouring the planet

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As environmentalist Tony Jupiter explains in his lecture What Has Nature Done For Us?, “no matter how clever our financial systems, impressive our rates of economic growth or sophisticated our technology, there is no place to move if should we degrade our biosphere to the point where it can no longer meet our needs and sustain our economies.”

Hello Wall Street, wake up from your 300 year dream! The economy you live in and worship is a proven delusion but also very dangerous fantasy that is risking the actual infrastructure of the economy and by the way the planetary system that is keeping you alive.

My question is how can we cure such a serious mental epidemic?  How can we bring these schizophrenic individuals and society back to sanity?

Natural and human history have shown that when a species expands so much that it exceeds the carrying capacity of its ecosystem, depleting the ecosystem’s resources and overwhelming  its ability to provide living conditions (clean environment and waste recycling, etc.), the species will either become extinct or radically evolve to survive readapting to the new living conditions.

Which fate will we humans experience? I bet on the latter.

Sources. Left photo: http://abcawesomepix.com/; right photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images;

Sources: http://abcawesomepix.com/ (left), STR/AFP/Getty Images (right).

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I have good news and bad news. The bad news is everything you have been taught about prosperity and success in this economy is a lie. Your school, the people around you, the media and your officials have all been complicit in this lie but you can forgive them for they have believed the lie themselves. Everyone has been the victim of this lie as well as the victimizer.

The good news is you can choose to acknowledge the lie and help us build a real future. You can become fully informed on the lie and educate yourself on the alternative. There is a growing number of workable alternative and sustainable economic and life models we can develop and implement in our very own neighborhoods and beyond.

These solutions are primarily place and community based, but they are transferable and scalable to the size of the planet. I will be writing about them. We need to understand what is wrong before we can fix it.

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This post is about a recent scientific paper evaluating through a mathematical model the potential for collapse of human societies inferring our current risk, based on just two unsustainable dynamics in our modern economy, economic stratification or degree of inequality and ecological strain from resource depletion. The model has been validated recreating the failures of past civilizations which like ours enjoyed a relative high degree of sophistication.

Many people who have faith in the future a magic technological bullets will save us from these and other global threats but the truth of the matter is that it is only an illusion. No amount of technological prowess can keep us alive separated from or at odds with our life-sustaining system.

Our current and present risk for the demise of our civilization is no longer an alarmist tale or even an opinion. We have a quantifiable scientific probability.  That is called data. I challenge any PhD supporting the current unsustainable establishment to discredit this and other scientific studies which realistically dare to quantify the risks inherent to our ravenous devouring of natural and human resources driven by our insane debt based capitalism.

Enjoy this enlightening paper and do not let the societal manipulation of media and people make you believe you are cannot rationally and effectively evaluate the risks of our present global economic system.


Source: Another World is Posssible…

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I think the quote in this post embodies the meaning of sustainability or in simple words, consciousness and wisdom. If you get this many of the so perceived dilemmas of environmentalism and sustainability will pop out of existence like soap bubbles. Enjoy.

Source: Earth -The Operator's Manual

Source: Earth -The Operator’s Manual

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Climate Deniers especially in the United States are taking advantage of the polar vortex which this season has brought the unusually crude and long winter people on both sides of the Atlantic. Their intention as always is to debunk climate science and Global Warming (GW).

Many of these people despite their high level of education and professional achievements are nonetheless trapped in a narrow minded reductionist view of reality and often suffer from an irreparable inability to think how Nature truly works, as a system.

In fact Nature, in this case the atmosphere is a complex adaptive system which defies any attempt to view it in the extremely simplistic but unfortunately still quite common view of most industrialists and most educational institutions.

I am referring to the mechanistic Cartesian view of reality that was established by the scientific revolution primarily through Newton and Descartes. This is the blind belief that reality is a machine we can analyze and control by fragmenting it into its components.

I have discussed this topic of the linear mechanistic thinking versus systems thinking in several of my earlier posts. I thus invite you to read them as well as to do your own research on this most critical subject. Unrelated as it may first appear to be, understanding society’s inability to grasp the systems view and in the case of our planet, the eco-systemic view of reality will greatly help you resolve any dilemmas you may still have about GW or climate change.

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