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This is the kind of innovation Detroit needs to seriously look at. Humans and technology are just another ecosystem subject to the same laws of nature including gravity and evolution. No matter how superior we may think are we cannot defy either of them. Our automobile paradigm is unsustainable and therefore it is a matter of time before it becomes extinct. This futuristic concept is rightly called Horizon.


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Cars are an aging species that has become detrimental element of the environment . We must embrace evolution and let cars be replaced by a more advanced and sustainable species in the human ecosystem, Personal Rapid Transit.



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Everyday it is becoming a little bit easier to reduce your carbon footprint. Two significant factors in today’s personal contribution to environmental degradation and climate change are product ownership and vehicle emissions.

Very few of us particularly those living outside cities can avoid these two sources of pollution. If you live in the suburbs or outside an urban area, you are condemned to drive even if it is to go to the groceries. In addition 99% of us require burning fossil fuels to operate our vehicles. Society still resists our escape from such disturbing and in my opinion, shameful predicament.

So while corporations and governments maintain the travesty of fossil fuel extraction and burning, creative entrepreneurs continue to look for more sustainable transportation alternatives such as the business model illustrated here which reduces the two almost inescapable sources of Green House Gases (GHG) associated with owning a vehicle.

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Many people especially in this part of the world where the economy and the culture has been shaped by the automobile believe green cars are the silver bullet of sustainable transportation…

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