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In response to Guernica’s article God’s Creation Is Running a Fever, being a non-believer does not prevent me from having the highest respect for someone as devoted as Katherine Hayhoe. I would however be placing as much emphasis on climate change adaptation as on mitigation. I understand mitigation may prevent a further destabilization of the planetary cycles but at the same time even if we stopped all our emissions and metabolic activity tomorrow – something virtually impossible, we would still experience Climate Change.

Now we need to adapt to the new conditions of a change in the planetary ecosystem as it finds a new equilibrium after its anthropogenic disruption. If we just wait for society to act on emissions, we are going to loose our opportunity window to prepare for the growing global disturbances we are already experiencing.

Climate change is already here. We cannot afford to spend precious time debating “democratically” with the skeptics. If we do so, we will give into their stalling tactic and lose our opportunity to save considerable life and resources.


Temperature data from four international science institutions. Source: NASA.

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Before human beings are capable of correcting the dysfunctionality and the damages of the unsustainable socio-technical environment we have developed, we need to see the reality we have created in all its ugliness. However we must not stop there. Our efforts, discomfort and sacrifice unveiling the truth would futile if we do not move beyond that point. We must be as passionate and creative about generating solutions as we have been denouncing the problems. We must reach a balance between both roles if we wanna make it.

Ocean cleaup array able to remove 7,250,000 Tons of plastic from the sea. Source: Boyanslat.com)

Ocean cleaup array able to remove 7,250,000 Tons of plastic from the sea. Source: Boyanslat.com

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One day I want to be as composed and moderate as Post Carbon Institute Fellow Bill Rees who appears in the video below. I think there is enough justification to be emotionally explosive about the dramatic reality he describes, precisely because of how real it is. Bill is a source of inspiration not just in the scientific sense but also at the emotional level. Behind his refined and corteous professor demeanor lies a visible flame of outrage, passion and justice.

The message Bill provides is liquid gold, so concentrated and rich that it becomes precious. I feel I must not allow myself to run the risk of taking away anything you may get from his discussion by adding my own thoughts. If you read me enough you will realize I am on his page. Enjoy the potent flavor of truth.

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Propagate Skyscraper converts harmful greenhouse gases into usable building materials!

Building sucking pollution

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Many of us know a number of the ways in which we can reduce our environmental footprint or increase our environmental stewardship. Nowadays we have at our disposal primarily through the internet a barrage of information on this topic made available by environmental organizations, schools, government agencies, businesses and media.

There is no lack of information regarding environmental actions as well as the environmental consequences of our modern life style. However it can easily become overwhelming and even frustrating when we realize that almost every activity we perform in our daily life has an environmental impact. And quite often reducing one an environmental impact is at the expense of increasing another impact.

For example you can (1) chose to buy an electric vehicle or you can choose to (2) keep your current gasoline vehicle but work from home. Now which choice reduces your environmental impact more? It was be difficult to answer such questions but not anymore. In the sea of information available to us there are scientific tools that can help us make sense of all these environmental actions and how they are interconnected. These tools have been designed for common people to easily calculate the impact of the choices we have within our reach to minimize our environmental degradation or maximize our environmental contribution. And let us not forget the environment despite how separated may feel from us, is ultimately our life-sustaining system.

The Cool Climate Carbon Footprint Calculator is one of the best examples I have found to manage your carbon emissions which are one of the most critical pollutants today as they are directly responsible for Global Warming or if you prefer, Climate Change. I encourage using it. It is fun. It will resolve many if not all of your environmental action dilemmas, and it will give you precious skills on managing your carbon emissions. Enjoy!


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While folks stress out over ‘critical’ matters like holiday shopping, far away from cities and malls, there are ongoing developments that are already destabilizing the planetary cycles and will most likely change Life on Earth as we know it. But that makes such a bad topic for dinner conversation. Definitely not worth discussing.

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