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Being angry and upset is expected and almost justified given the difficult economy and global crises we are living today. Despite my sympathy, we need to make a call to justice and argue that rather than repressing or evading from these powerful emotions we must fully embracing them. Such action will allow us to first learn the truth around us and second, to channel that initially disturbing energy into a passionate, tenacious and contagious devotion we can use to mitigate the world crises.

With minor adjustments to the believes capitalizing on our anger and frustration, we can avoid the risk of falling into the tramps of apathy, depression, cynicism or political radicalism. Amazingly enough we can make the energy of our indignation fuel our passion, advocacy and research for solutions to the economy, human right abuses or the Amazon deforestation. We can transform our fantasies of beating up unscrupulous bank or corporate leaders who destroy people and planet for profit, for achieving strategies to neutralize their negative impact, and make them restore the wellbeing of communities and the environment. We can find life-savers to mega-corporate layoffs working hard with communities, businesses  and entrepreneurs to create new enterprises and jobs.

In conclusion we can take the low road of disempowerment paved by manipulation, fear, frustration and ultimately apathy; or the high road of empowerment leading to solution generation and transformation as we take the opportunity to find our passion, courage, and vision of what is possible. No matter how intimidating a wall life may have become, there is only one option, climbing it!

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