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I truly believe in the power and liberation that takes place when you gain the courage to face your own imperfections and accept your flaws. This is a first step in the process of escaping your ego. The difficulty of such action strives in:

1. Our ego’s tendency for self assertion and preservation, and that means its necessity to prevail even if it’s wrong

2. Our superego’s need to follow society’s rules and expectations.

The next step is to allow other people to point your imperfections. If you thought step 1 was difficult, wait until you fully understand the consequences of this second fundamental step. If accepting your weaknesses is hard, having other people raise those weaknesses becomes unbearable.  There is then an abysmal gap between the already difficult step of facing our own flaws and the second step of allowing other people to address these imperfections. The reason lies in the fact that when we discover our weaknesses, we feel literally caught red-handed. Such experience has the following consequences:

1. Our inability to cover our imperfection in the world which results in outside judgment, lack of self-acceptance, and ultimate our loss of self worth and esteem. In order to be accepted and welcome, we have to behave and have the qualities posed by society.

2. Our incapacity to cover our imperfections from ourselves and convince our conscious self that we are not so bad or that we will change, or simply that what whatever we did wrong die with the past. Such self-denial always creates sub-conscious entities that come back and haunt us, resurfacing and wreaking havoc when we least expect it.

The power of criticism on ourselves comes from:

A. Allowing us to find a problem and subsequently providing the first and essential step for its correction

B. The liberation of energy which comes from fighting between our objective knowledge of our flaws and the emotional need of our ego to be right.

C. Our lost of fear to move forward and outside of our comfort zone and grow by taking risks and exposing ourselves to situations and experiences which we do not control and may potentially generate criticism, judgment and condemnation.

D. The vanishing of the psychological barriers that come with the fear of failure and judgment, such as our sense that we are not good enough to do this and that because society does not believe so, or believes that we are not capable or competent.

My advice is to defy the criticism. How? Imagine the limitless world of possibilities that would open up when I no longer care about criticism toward my persona, either from myself or from the outside. I tend to forget about my weaknesses and inevitably focus on my strengths which I am pleasantly surprised to discover and rediscover.

As I progress working on my strengths, I suddenly realize that I start to feel better about myself, with myself, and with less need to be approved by others. My sense of self-worth starts being generated from the inside as opposed to the outside as it used to be. As my self-worth raises, my self-confidence grows, and with it the perception of my potential.

This feeds back into the cultivation of my strength creating a complex system loop which translates into accelerated growth. Such growth has an effect in the environment which multiplies as you forget more and more about yourself and focus on your environment, that is, people and nature. This is so because the number of interactions multiplies and the feedback loops created spread the effects exponentially.

I know that the outcome of self accomplishment and self fulfillment results in a desire to overflow from ourselves on to others, transcending us. This is the last stage in the liberation from the ego. We have this focus on the world that frees us from the slavery of having to take care and please ourselves. We devote ourselves so much to the outside world that we forget about the pain created by life’s circumstance. We do not have time for self-indulgence or self complain. And even more, we enjoy our focus on the world. We enjoy the success and happiness outside us because we deeply care and love the outside world, to the point that we can’t tell the difference between it and ourselves. The world feels as if we were it in the good times and the bad times.

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