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I have good news and bad news. The bad news is everything you have been taught about prosperity and success in this economy is a lie. Your school, the people around you, the media and your officials have all been complicit in this lie but you can forgive them for they have believed the lie themselves. Everyone has been the victim of this lie as well as the victimizer.

The good news is you can choose to acknowledge the lie and help us build a real future. You can become fully informed on the lie and educate yourself on the alternative. There is a growing number of workable alternative and sustainable economic and life models we can develop and implement in our very own neighborhoods and beyond.

These solutions are primarily place and community based, but they are transferable and scalable to the size of the planet. I will be writing about them. We need to understand what is wrong before we can fix it.

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Energy: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth. Source: Post Carbon Institute.

Despite the current complacency provided by green business, cleantech and the mainstream blind faith in the capacity of technology to save us from all global challenges (economic, environmental and social), someone needs to wake us up to the gravity of the actual reality outside of our modern life ‘bubble’. The post Carbon Institute has done a marvelous job with their wake up call. This book ┬áis a reality check and a guide to face it. Its message is for those willing to acknowledge the extreme urgency to fundamentally phase out our unsustainable growth based, consumption driven global economy that coupled with our exponential population growth keep us in a planetary collision course. We do not have time to embellish our suicidal debt based economy with green products and services. We are in desperate need of a much deeper change. We are running out of time for a fundamental shift that if we do not take seriously ‘pronto’, it will be forced upon us by the effects our human infrastructure’s failure modes. As engineers we should have already implemented a DFMEA for modern civilization…

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