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Propagate Skyscraper converts harmful greenhouse gases into usable building materials!

Building sucking pollution

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Climate Deniers especially in the United States are taking advantage of the polar vortex which this season has brought the unusually crude and long winter people on both sides of the Atlantic. Their intention as always is to debunk climate science and Global Warming (GW).

Many of these people despite their high level of education and professional achievements are nonetheless trapped in a narrow minded reductionist view of reality and often suffer from an irreparable inability to think how Nature truly works, as a system.

In fact Nature, in this case the atmosphere is a complex adaptive system which defies any attempt to view it in the extremely simplistic but unfortunately still quite common view of most industrialists and most educational institutions.

I am referring to the mechanistic Cartesian view of reality that was established by the scientific revolution primarily through Newton and Descartes. This is the blind belief that reality is a machine we can analyze and control by fragmenting it into its components.

I have discussed this topic of the linear mechanistic thinking versus systems thinking in several of my earlier posts. I thus invite you to read them as well as to do your own research on this most critical subject. Unrelated as it may first appear to be, understanding society’s inability to grasp the systems view and in the case of our planet, the eco-systemic view of reality will greatly help you resolve any dilemmas you may still have about GW or climate change.

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