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Before human beings are capable of correcting the dysfunctionality and the damages of the unsustainable socio-technical environment we have developed, we need to see the reality we have created in all its ugliness. However we must not stop there. Our efforts, discomfort and sacrifice unveiling the truth would futile if we do not move beyond that point. We must be as passionate and creative about generating solutions as we have been denouncing the problems. We must reach a balance between both roles if we wanna make it.

Ocean cleaup array able to remove 7,250,000 Tons of plastic from the sea. Source: Boyanslat.com)

Ocean cleaup array able to remove 7,250,000 Tons of plastic from the sea. Source: Boyanslat.com

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One day I want to be as composed and moderate as Post Carbon Institute Fellow Bill Rees who appears in the video below. I think there is enough justification to be emotionally explosive about the dramatic reality he describes, precisely because of how real it is. Bill is a source of inspiration not just in the scientific sense but also at the emotional level. Behind his refined and corteous professor demeanor lies a visible flame of outrage, passion and justice.

The message Bill provides is liquid gold, so concentrated and rich that it becomes precious. I feel I must not allow myself to run the risk of taking away anything you may get from his discussion by adding my own thoughts. If you read me enough you will realize I am on his page. Enjoy the potent flavor of truth.

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This post is specially dedicated to those who want to convince us that the material based progress and the global economic system we have is the best and the only one we can have.  I am often the critic of such manipulative assertion, but I am going to let someone respected by millions be the critic this time.

Not being a particularly religious person I often have my ear on what religious leaders have to say, particularly the Dalai Lama whom I regard as being light years ahead of most religious leaders.  He speaks deep truth and high wisdom. I believe the commentary below is not just a brilliant critique and analysis of today’s reality but a daring look at the world calling it for what it is.

Few individuals today have the courage and the critical mind to recognize, let alone face such reality. But guess what? The number of people waking up to this often uncomfortable and even scary reality is growing. People are slowly but surely stepping up to face these planetary compounded challenge. However if we want to make a timely difference we need such growth to be exponential, and to me it still feels linear.

I cannot wait for the growth of consciousness to become a runaway (ever growing) effect, a positive feedback loop so that it can keep up with and counter our runaway global crisis.


Dalai lama

Source: Dalai Lama Daily Quotes

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When I meet people giving up on the world, disappointed and hopeless as many of us felt with the past Copenhagen summit, I ask them if they have ten minutes and I tell them the following.

Despite the lack of urgency, responsibility on the part of the governments of the world and the Powers that run this zooming global economic machinery where most of us feel trapped, we MUST continue our mission to bringing sustainability to the planet and help it cope with the emerging global crises (global warming/climate change, peak oil, resource decline, financial meltdowns, geopolitical instability, terrorism, social turmoil, etc).

I think we have to be excited and feel quite lucky to live in these unprecedented times. Why? Because the old of order of things, the old way of life and relating to the world, along with all its imperfections and un-sustainability has its days numbered. Today’s world is already different from a couple days ago, literally. Global change is already here and to stay. For those who are still attached to the comfort of the old secure days where routine and security were a given, and believe that we are just through a cycle before things come back to normal, I have some disturbing news: You are dreaming.

Please do not get me wrong. This is not a doom and gloom apocalyptic cry. This is not a political manifesto either. This is a reality call to take a hard look at the emerging world before us and fearlessly embrace our sense of adventure, opportunity and creativity.

We are going to have an opportunity to generate solutions, creations, actions at a level of abundance, diversity and most importantly, with a potential for transformational positive impact on the planet that we could not have dreamed just a few years ago, simply because of the dogmatic rigidity with which we have embraced had in this paradigm we are leaving behind.

I am so thrilled to see how these new times are bringing unprecedented access to our most sacred human right, the right that defines our nature and essence, creativity. It feels as if I had the chance to become the star in this new movie which is the immediate future, the most challenging, thrilling adventure we will ever had and share with the rest of the planet.

This is the time to question and defy all the ideological, intellectual and cultural restrictions and prejudice we have inherited. It is the time to perform a comprehensive brainstorm on the possibilities for the world we want to develop. Most people are finally questioning the old ways of doing things from driving, building, buying, eating, doing business and educating to sharing the planet. We are starting to see the fall in the confidence of unquestioned long revered institutions such as the global free market economy or military power as policy maker.

Ironically we have to thank the global crises for opening holes and ultimately breaking down the old order as it will provide us with the opportunity to collectively develop a new and hopefully more sustainable order or relationship with the planet. Although I fear the losses the planetary crises will bring including human lives, whole living species, ecosystems and economic losses, I am extremely motivated to partake in this life adventure and make my greatest contribution. No one before us in the history of this planet has had the privilege to experience such challenge and transform the world so much. Let’s not waste this historical opportunity

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