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I do not know how much I would pay or what I would do for an event of such transcendence. The fact is I would not be surprised if someone had already developed a technology not just to communicate with but to actually speak to our intelligent cousins. It is suspected these relatives are not necessarily less smart than we are. They just have not had the chance yet to exploit their intelligence as we humans have, but do not assume their moment will not come.

Despite our arrogant sense of human supremacy and progress we have become dumb enough to believe the future of human evolution is the so called Singularity, a separation from Nature and our very own humanity where we are destined to become immortal Techno Gods as we upload our mind and soul to a supercomputer.

I on the other hand envision a somewhat distant future where man will have evolved enough to finally address non-human intelligent earthlings as equal citizens of planet Earth. I imagine a world where ironically the non-humans will return to us the humanity we lost in our primitive pursuit of material progress; where enlightened wild life will teach us a new way to reconnect with Nature which will inevitably bring new way social order.

Maybe we will have to wait until such time before we can understand the TRUE MEANING of DEMOCRACY, HUMAN RIGHTS, GLOBAL SOCIAL JUSTICE and SUSTAINABILITY. Call me a dreamer. I love it when you do that.


Source: Scitable by Nature Education

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484208_137805016368941_551799004_nI wonder how an alien species would feel about our passion for finding life beyond earth considering the danger that we pose to most of the species with which we share the planet species. Such aliens would have to have a similar disregard and low consciousness about non-human life.

I hope we never have to meet such dangerous aliens, for our own good. I am sorry I did not even consider the safety of the other terrestrial life forms. How selfish of me to forget about our fellow earthlings whom we owe so much!

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