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Before you try to look for happiness as everyone else does outside of yourself, stop and look inside first. The things we so hard strive to obtain in our relentless search for happiness, a new car, new home, new romantic partner, even a new job, are nothing but external objects which by themselves will not materialize our happiness. Before reaching out for those external targets you need to make sense of your internal life. As the old adage puts it, “Know Thyself”.  This is the first requirement for happiness as it ensures you will find your calling in life and those activities, environments and people who will truly satisfy you and stimulate you.

The other fundamental requirement to achieve happiness is to overcome the excessive focus and concern about yourself, so that you can devote your time, work and effort to a cause beyond you and your immediate comfort; so that you can devote yourself to others. This commitment will develop your sense of compassion, remove the limitations of your ego and subsequently, make you realize you are not a separate being or entity with the world but an extension and therefore, a component of the world. It will be revealed you are a part that can function by itself but that eventually discovers being a part of something else larger, which in turn is part of a larger entity, and so on for ever.

By the way, the realization that we are connected to everyone and everything, applied to the dimension of the planet is the prerequisite to realistically attaining a permanent sustainable future on Earth. When we hurt a part of our bodies we immediately take care of it; we heal a wound or get medical assistance. Why? Because we believe and deeply feel the hurt area of our bodies is part of our being. In the same way, we protect and care for our loved ones, our possessions and anything else we consider ours.

At a subconscious level we feel everything that is ours is part or at least an extension of our beings. The day we can extend that same perception and emotion of being to the rest of the planet, we will have elevated human consciousness to the status of sustainability.  The perception of reality and existence on Earth that will emerge from such consciousness will be equally sustainable.  The current study of this mindset is called deep ecology.

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A living planet… priceless

We strive so hard and so long to create our safety net, our comfort zone, competing with society, getting an education, climbing the corporate ladder, and chasing the quintessential element called money. We work and buy our way to a model of security, success and self-realization that is actually programmed into our heads by the material-based culture that keep us fundamentally disconnected from the ultimate reality, Nature.

Besides our material needs which are never truly satisfied, we dedicate so much to satisfying our equally starving egos. We make our petty little personal life dramas seem so important. And how about our distractions, most of which have become the escape out from the increasingly overwhelming reality around us, or the evasion from the lack of fulfillment we silently acknowledge inside.

The fact is that all effort, struggle and achievement even, do in most cases nothing for the absolute bottom line, life. And I do not mean just your life but everybody else’s and everything else’s. I am referring to the totality of life, possibly the most precious phenomenon in the universe.

In this present day society most of us are confused, unsatisfied and continue to endanger ourselves and the very planet we inhabit just because our priorities are not set right. As simple as it may sound, making LIFE (its preservation, restoration, and enhancement) the number one priority will I believe, set our priorities right and lead us into the sustainable paradigm where we are destined to be in harmony with our life-sustaining system, Nature.

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