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This article is in no way a judgement or commentary about anyone’s faith or spirituality but a mere observation of human behavior in contemporary civilization and the foreseeable future. Today we can say we have created a new religion, a cult out of our human technology, specifically high-tech. We are increasing more dependent and comfortable with technology present in almost every aspect of our life and every activity we engage.

High-tech enables our personal functions such as nutrition, transportation, as well as our relation with the world including culture, leisure, communications, finances, employment, friendships and relationships. Nothing can escape the nearly divine intervention of our new deity, The Microchip. It feels like many believers feel about God’s superlative nature, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient & omnibenevolent. Yes we live by the Grace of the Microchip.

But I am having a hard time finding God in places like Ethiopia, Zimbabwe or Congo. Can anyone help me? Our dear modern God seems to have forgotten these places and their people. Except for a few scattered cell phones, we do not find many objects or places of worship down there. So how can we exercise our duty to save those poor souls?

Let me respond arguing that to call them poor may be condescending to say the least. Their lives may be poor but not necessarily their spirit. Except for the few in power, the people in those godforsaken lands lack all kinds of resources. And no matter how simpathetic we may feel before we even attempt to save their souls and send them the I-Bible, we must save their bodies and effectively assist them to obtain their basic needs like food, shelter, water, sanitation and energy, mundane services we take for granted here in our developed economies.

I am then on a quest for a more equitable God who enhances the life of the 3 billion souls unmentioned by prophets like Mr. Jobs. I want to create temples to worship the God Low Tech whose hand creates affordable solutions to improve the living conditions of the so-called poor. For more inspiration on these  enlightening creations, read my latest article at Examiner.com.

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